Conflict Coaching

Conflict coaching is a path focused on conflict prevention and management. Conflicts may take place on different levels:

  1. A conflict between two individuals
  2. A conflict between two or more individuals in a working team
  3. A conflict between two or more working groups/teams

Consequently, the conflict coaching methodology can be articulated in:

  • Individual coaching path, with the person involved in a conflict dynamics (case a.)
  • Team coaching path, with the team that shows dysfunctional conflict dynamics (case b.)
  • Mediation interventions, through the coaching methodology, with conflicting groups/teams (case c.)
  • Conflict coaching workshops, in order to create a company strategy that prevents dysfunctional conflicts and that enables to get the opportunities coming from different opinions, interests, working modes and personalities (both case a. and c.).

The approach in all our conflict coaching paths is the so-called “Stop Decide Action”:

The first step is to create a time-emotional detachment (Stop) to quit any behavior that may be dysfunctional in the conflictual dynamics. The Stop moment is meant to increase one’s own self-awareness about the underlying dynamics of the conflict, about one’s emotional state, goals and needs, as well as the barriers and obstacles to achieve them.

The second step is to make a decision on what strategy to use for the resolution of the conflict. In any case, the person involved is called to take a stand on the importance of the relationship, rather than the mere pursuit of the objective. The strategy turns into actions and all their possible consequences need to be considered in a thoughtful and impartial way.

Finally, the third step involves the implementation of the defined actions and the monitoring of their actual effectiveness in relation to the objectives of the conflict.

Webinar Conflict coaching
held by Ingrid Hollweck (Italian language)