Executive Coaching

The executive coaching is based on the development of a partnership between the coach and the client/manager (indicated by the term “coachee”); such relationship is aimed to support the coachee on the path to the pursuit of his/her objectives.


The coaching conversations (= sessions) are based on the maieutical and relational skills of the coach, through which the coachee feels listened to, valued and stimulated to action.


Coaching includes an appreciative approach that is based on the recognition of what works, what is desired and what is needed to achieve the goal.
The laudatory approach involves a series of questions based on discovery, a proactive mode (opposed to a reactive mode) in managing the challenges and personal opportunities, as well as constructive observations and feedback.


The coach’s responsibilities are:

  • Helping the coachee to remain focused on his/her objectives
  • Supporting the coachee to discover his/her potential and to use it in order to achieve his/her goals
  • Asking the coachee a challenging effort, to enable him/her to give his/her best
  • Providing appropriate tools and support, creating the optimal conditions for the pursuit of goals


The benefits to the coachee are:

  • Increased self-awareness, awareness of the facts that determine a given situation and/or other people’s patterns of thought
  • Increased responsibility for his/her own thoughts and actions
  • Greater autonomy in solving problems
  • Greater determination and motivation in achieving his/her goals

The effectiveness of coaching in organizations is closely linked to the voluntariness of the coachee and the absolute confidentiality of the content of the coaching conversations.


A standard path of executive coaching is based on 8 individual interviews every 14 days roughly, lasting 1.5 hours. An initial meeting is planned for the definition of objectives and, subsequently, a final meeting to receive feedback on the results. The opening and the closing meetings are the only two moments when the presence of the client (HR manager and/or person in charge) may be requested.

Coach People offers the possibility to conduct coaching meetings with professional and ICF – International Coach Federation – credentialed coaches in the following languages: Italian, English, German, Spanish.