Re-mind is an experiential path for professionals, top and middle managers, executives, entrepreneurs, professionals, sportsmen and sportswomen designed to develop and strengthen the mental abilities that have the greatest impact on job performance and that help pursue your objectives with more effectiveness and focus.


RE-Mind, through an experiential mode with the game of golf, helps you discover the untapped potential in your career path and develop a positive mental attitude towards your abilities and professional challenges.


Thanks to the game of golf, which requires a dynamic mind and a constructive inner dialogue with your own capabilities, it helps you let your limiting beliefs go, manage your thoughts and emotions, highlighting your potential to live a moment of fun and improve your performance.


To whom it is addressed

  • Facing a challenge you have to fight your ʽpollutingʾ thoughts, such as: fear of not succeeding, fear of a ʽbad impressionʾ, doubts about your preparation, the thought of not being perfect
  • You cant really see your goal and pursue it with focus and perseverance


  • You struggle with concentrating and focusing effectively at the decisive moment
  • You are not able to learn lessons from both successes and failures
  • You want to improve your ability to face adversity with the necessary mental calm without affecting your energy with stress and tension






  • You will work on the main key factors related to professional performance and self-efficacy


  • You will learn how to define and display your goal thanks to a greater clarity of your ʽinternal driversʾ and self-awareness
  • You will acquire a greater ability to set aside ʽpollutingʾ thoughts


  • You will understand how to stay more focused on your goal and to learn from failures
  • You will learn to be more resilient in facing adversity


The course is divided into several stages:

  • Theoretical sessions and moments of reflection
  • Activities on the golf course


  • 45-minute individual coaching session

No special physical abilities are required, nor previous experience of golf: the course is suitable both for those who have never practiced golf and for those who have already acquired golfing experience earlier.
The course lasts a day + individual coaching sessions.

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Webinar Re-Mind
held by Gaetano Ruvolo (Italian language)