Sustainable Performance

It is a path of training and self-listening that aims at the discovery of ones own balance in all areas of life, considering the increasingly hectic and fleeting reality that we live in.


The ʽSustainable performanceʾ is a way to (re-)take care of yourself, from your body to your mind, in order to make the best use of your inner resources.


Through a journey of self (re-)discovery, you learn to balance your resources within the four dimensions (body, work, relationships, senses) in order to unblock your energy, to create the basis for a sustainable performance in the long term and a fully realized life.
The course is structured in 4 modules which correspond to the four dimensions of ʽSustainable Performanceʾ:

  • Body: it deals with the physical sustainability of your performance. It expresses your ability to take care of yourselves and to regularly recharge vital energy, to be fit and strong


  • Work: the goal is to become aware of your own meaning of ʽworkʾ to find out what are the factors that guide you, your motivation and your mission for a more authentic and sustainable work


  • Mind: understanding the power of your mind to create your reality, how it can help or obstruct you in the pursuit of your objectives


  • Relation: the goal is to stimulate reflection on the type and quality of your relationships, what determines their effectiveness in your professional world and how connections influence your wellbeing and your performance



To whom it is addressed

  • To those who are always on the run, feeling like a hamster in a wheel, day after day, feeling out of energy, with little effective performance
  • To those who feel discouraged and want to find the push to find their mission, rediscovering their talents and abilities
  • To those who feel that their work performance and their quality of life is affected by a high level of stress and physical fatigue
  • To those who feel in difficulty and cannot take care of themselves or create moments of relaxation
  • To those who want to improve their ability to focus on work goals, facing adversity with the due mental calm without affecting their energy with stress and tension
  • To those who realize that the quality of their relationships, professional or not, inefficiently influence their well-being and their performance




Greater capacity to face times of stress and tension


Greater involvement in your work


Better use of your energy with improved performance and lower waste


Improved communication skills and ability to provide feedback


Greater mental health and vitality of the people, which means a better organizational climate and higher levels of performance



The course is structured in 4 sessions of group coaching, each one lasting one day, a meeting every 4-6 weeks when you deal with the four dimensions of a ʽSustainable Performanceʾ:

  • Body
  • Work
  • Mind
  • Relation


Between one meeting and the other we provide an individual meeting of support coaching with an ICF qualified coach for each participant.


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Webinar Sustainable Performance (Italian language)
held by Andrea Falleri