Women Empowerment Branding

Women Empowerment Branding is a path of personal branding from a feminine point of view, created to support women in building their ʽbrandʼ for a successful professional life.


Women Empowerment Branding is a training course that aims to help women to pursue a fulfilling professional life, namely to find a work space that allows them to better express their talent, even in contexts where the recognition and enhancement of resources is not likely for them to reach the highest levels of career, despite having all the required skills.

This route goes towards the identification of the internal and external obstacles that inhibit your self-enhancement, the development of the most effective strategies to overcome them, the identification of your talents and peculiarities and their clear and original communication in order to make yourself more visible to your network.


To whom it is addressed

Women Empowerment Branding is addressed to professionals, top and middle managers, freelancers that:

  • feel that they are not valued in their full potential in their work environment
  • have beliefs that have limited or conditioned them negatively in their career path
  • need to better express their talent and communicate it effectively to their professional network
  • have not clearly established their own professional goal yet
  • are still working to discover their true vocation



For the participants:

  • Clarity of personal goals, working mission and plans to increase cooperation with other women and sharing projects with them
  • Greater confidence in their abilities and talents, more awareness of their potential and creativity
  • High sense of self-efficacy, which leads to higher performances
  • Ability to more effectively manage their work-life balance for a more fulfilling life in all areas

For organizations:

  • Enhanced self-confidence for professional women in facing challenges in an authoritative and resolute way
  • High level of trust, cohesion and development of human capital through networking activities
  • Enhancement of gender diversity and plurality of values
  • Greater team culture to integrate the assets of masculine and feminine members
  • New female leadership models, based on values, ethics, social responsibility and ecological resources



The course is structured in three parts:

  • DISCOVERING: focusing on your aspirations, barriers, values ​​and uniqueness to determine your career goals
  • SHARING: learning to communicate your brand in a clear and original way, with a communicative style suitable to your uniqueness
  • CONNECTING: focusing on the relational and emotional tools to make yourself more visible to your network
  • In addition, there is an individual coaching session for a targeted and personalized support to find your own authentic brand

The course lasts two days + possible individual coaching sessions (on request)




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Webinar  W.E.B. (Italian language)
held by Ingrid Hollweck