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““For more than 20 years I have been studying and researching, teaching and supporting companies in their development of market based strategies and on the measurement of their results. The focus of my work is on helping companies to experience a Copernican shift towards market orientation and to strategize accordingly.”

Fabio Ancarani

Fabio Ancarani is a Professor of Marketing at Alma Mater Studiorum, University of Bologna and Associate Dean for Executive Education at Bologna Business School, where he is also Director of the Executive Master in Sales and Marketing.


Fabio Ancarani began his professional career in 1993 in Bocconi University in Millan, as a research and teaching assistant is Business Strategy and Marketing, while achieving a Phd in Management, with a focus on the competitive strategies based on intangible resources. 


On the academic side, he has served as Assistant and Associate Professor of Marketing at Bocconi University and now he holds a Chair of Marketing at Alma Mater Studiourm, University of Bologna. He his also Adjuct Professor at Bocconi University for the Pricing Course.


On the executive educarion side, he has been a member of the Marketing Department in SDA Bocconi School of Management since 1994. He has been the Director of the Marketing Department at SDA Bocconi for 5 years. He has afterwards joined Bologna Business School, where he launched the Executive Master in Sales and Marketing and has been appointed as the Associate Dean for Executive Education. He has been serving also as a Board Member for the Fondazione Bologna Business School.


On the advising and consulting side, he has developed activities with many international and national companies, supporting entrepreneurs and senior managers in the development of marketing competences, marketing strategies and marketing planning. In professional activities, Prof Ancarani serves as advisor for marketing and management consultant for top international and national companies. Over the last few years he has developed advising for strategic marketing of many multinational and national companies like: ABB; General Electric; 3M; Medtronic; Chiesi Farmaceutici; Lima Corporate; Generali Immobiliare; Gabetti; Unicredit; Banca Popolare di Milano; Pirelli; RCS; Feltrinelli; Fiat Industrial; Jaguar Land Rover; Mediaset; Monsanto; Sorgenia; Boero; Società Gas Rimini; Maserati; Brevini; CAMST.


He has published several books and articles; he went published in the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Interactive Marketing, European Management Journal, Journal of Services Marketing, Journal of Retailing, Distribution and Consumer Research, Journal of Product and Brand Management. He has recently published the Kotler, P., Keller, K., Ancarani, F., Costabile, M. (2012 and 2017), Marketing Management, Pearson, 14th-15th italian edition and Kotler, P., Keller, K., Ancarani, F., Costabile, M. (2014-2017), Marketing per Manager, Pearson. He also published Kotler. P., Armstrong P., Ancarani, F., Costabile, M. (2014 and 2019).


Fabio Ancarani is Italian, currently living in Milan (Italy) and works fluently in Italian and English.

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