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Different goals, needs or personalities easily cause misunderstandings and counterproductive interpersonal dynamics. With Conflict coaching you get

to see the situation from different perspectives, thus facilitating

the understanding the different point of views, and subsequently

the resolution of the problem.

Conflict coaching is a path focused on conflict prevention and conflict management. Conflicts may take place on different levels, for example:

•  A conflict between two individuals

•  A conflict between two or more individuals in a working team

•  A conflict between two or more working groups/teams

Consequently, the conflict coaching methodology can be articulated in:

•  Individual coaching path, with the person involved in a conflict dynamics

•  Team coaching path, with the team that shows dysfunctional conflict dynamics

•  Mediation interventions, through the coaching methodology, with conflicting groups/teams

    Conflict coaching workshops, in order to create corporate climate the prevents dysfunctional conflicts and that enables          new opportunities arising from diversity and inclusion


“Conflict coaching. Allenarsi ad affrontare i conflitti di tutti i giorni con maggiore fiducia”
Any conflict provides a valuable and unique opportunity for personal, relational and organizational growth that is up to you to grasp or reject. This guide will help you develop skills useful in any conflict situation, both at home and in your work life.

You can buy your copy, in printed or electronic format, in Franco Angeli booksellers all over Italy, in the major online stores: AmazonHoepliIBS, Franco Angeli website.

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